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BidBerry is a data driven agency focused on delivering performance marketing results. As data partners, media owners and publishers transition to a potentially cookieless ecosystem we want to provide a unique data offering generating real-time, data-backed decisions to enhance all campaign activity.

Audience Data

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23 Billion User Profile

Global Reach
+190 Geos available

High Quality
Enrich your audience data with new and valuable insights

“Data that fuels your performance marketing decisions

We deliver high quality, audience data and analyse thousands of data points for over 23 billion user profiles across 190 countries. Providing both desktop and mobile data, datasets are provided in groups such as interests, shopping intention, precise geolocation and demography.


1300 + Segments available
IAB Compliant & TCF Certified


1500 + Segments
IAB Compliant & TCF Certified

Branded Segments

+1200 segment
IAB Compliant & TCF Certified

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Users are assigned to an interest segment when the website category is focused on a specific subject. When a user’s online browsing activity is focused on one specific subject, for example they may only be reading articles about cars, cooking, traveling etc. Our DMP network primarily uses a deterministic model to assign a proper profile and time that information has been registered as valid.


BidBerry collects data from sources connected to the ecommerce sector, including online transactions from affiliate networks to deliver the most accurate segments with purchase intentions, such as laptops, mobile phones or cars.


BidBerry demographic segments – such as gender, age, education level – are based on unique online panel studies by leading international research companies. We have got access to deterministic demographic data, which we then extrapolate to significantly extend the range of our data.


Custom segments are created to accurately find chosen target groups and activate them in programmatic campaigns. BidBerry works in parallel with you and picks the audience characteristics that are crucial to a selected campaign. Prepared and activated segments are licensed to global DSPs privately or publicly and marketers can use those segments to target the right audience, for example sport enthusiasts from large cities, and from the 25-34 age group. Using a custom segment brings great results and in some cases we’ve managed to achieve a sensible improvement for our partners.

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